Zeiss Technology

We’re proud to be one of the select practices to use i.Terminal by ZEISS, the advanced digital fitting technology for the most accurate eyeglass fitting measurements.


How it works

i.Terminal by ZEISS takes special measurements of your frame and facial contours, and generates measurements for a customized lens.

You will then view computer-generated images of yourself wearing your chosen eyeglass frames. This preview allows you to decide whether your chosen frames are the right choice, and to compare the look of several different frames.


Why use i.Terminal by Zeiss?

Sophisticated modern progressive lenses offer unsurpassed optical performance. However, the performance of these lenses is still limited by the accuracy of their fitting and centration. Even small errors in fitting measurements can result in up to a 25% reduction in progressive viewing zone alignment and lens performance.

By consistently delivering the most precise measurements, i.Terminal assures that you receive the best possible visual experience from your lenses. The enhanced mirror allows patients with stronger prescriptions to see clearly how their chosen frames look when worn, and to compare multiple frames side by side.


Customize your lenses

 Other interactive capabilities of i.Terminal help you understand how premium lens upgrades will look and perform. These capabilities allow you to make more informed and confident eyewear choices.

Sophisticated free-form lenses will deliver optimized performance when the design has been customized for the shape of the your chosen frame, as well as for the wrap, pantoscopic angle, and vertex distance of the frames as worn by you

By taking all of these measurements automatically, i.Terminal facilitates the use of customized progressive lenses without adding significant time or complexity to the dispensing process.


Cutting-edge technology delivers superior results

Traditional fitting measurements are limited by both accuracy (closeness of the result to the actual value) and precision (the size of the smallest reliable measurement).

i.Terminal eliminates measurement error, and records measurements to within 0.1 mm, resulting in the most accurate fitting measurements possible. i.Terminal employs a precision digital camera that captures both frontal and profile images of you wearing your chosen frames.

We use a patented laser speckle target system to ensure that you maintain proper distance fixation while your photos are captured. The system is also designed to ensure that you are properly centered for the most accurate measurement possible, and i.Terminal automatically compensates for any accidental head-turn.

The images are then processed by sophisticated software that takes key measurements with unparalleled accuracy, such as monocular interpupillary distances, fitting heights, pantoscopic angle, and vertex distance. The end result is the perfect lens for your eyes, combined with the fashionable look you prefer from your eyewear.