Vision Therapy for Certain Visual Problems

Vision Therapy can Help for Certain Visual Problems

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It is a common assumption that poor vision can easily be fixed with glasses or contacts. But, there are certain eye conditions that can’t be remedied with corrective lenses. If you are suffering from an eye condition that can’t be treated with glasses or contacts, then you might consider the benefits of talking with an experienced eye doctor to see if vision therapy is a good treatment option.

Why Vision Therapy is Necessary

Glasses and contact lenses are a solution that helps to compensate for vision problems such as near-sightedness and far-sightedness. But, there are other eye conditions that can’t be changed using corrective lenses. For example, poor binocular (2-eyed) coordination, convergence insufficiency, lazy eye, double vision, eye turns, wandering eye, and cross-eyed visual problems need other types of treatments instead of corrective lenses.

In these situations, vision therapy might be beneficial since the method utilizes different exercises that help to develop the muscles. This process teaches the eyes how to respond, which offers long-term results for the patients. Instead of a temporary fix to treat the symptoms, vision therapy addresses the root problems that are causing the vision problems.

It has also been found that Vision Therapy can be used for other types of problems as well. Examples of problems that can benefit from these visual exercises include autism, ADHD, and learning-related vision problems.

Therapeutic Process

Vision therapy is much more than a simple set of tools and exercises. This process requires ongoing assessment and active engagement by the patient and doctor.

This therapeutic process includes the use of computer-assisted visual activities, metronomes, filters, prisms, balance boards, and lenses. Through specific activities, it is possible to train the eyes and the brain to see the environment in the right way. Similar to how physical therapy is designed to work the muscles and joints, vision therapy requires time and consistency to achieve the desired results.

Finding the Right Vision Therapy Program for You

Whether you need vision therapy, or you have a child that can benefit from this treatment, we are here to help! We specialize in vision therapy and other modern medical treatments for eye conditions. We have two convenient office locations to make it easy for you to come for your vision therapy appointments. Contact us today for more information!

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