Tips to Help a Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

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As a parent, do you feel like it is a challenge to get your child to do what you ask? When the child is prescribed glasses, it could feel like another battle that you will need to fight at home. Most children are willing to wear their glasses because they like having clear vision. But, kids can sometimes be rebellious and want to avoid their glasses.

The American Optometric Association estimates that 25% of school-aged children have vision problems that are undetected. If a child is suffering from poor vision, then it can have a domino effect on their school performance and ability to learn. Eyeglasses offer a simple solution, but the child needs to wear the lenses to achieve the benefits. Here are a few tips to help your child wear the glasses consistently:

Positive Reinforcement

What will you say when the child tries on the glasses for the first time? Use positive reinforcement to help them feel good while using the glasses. If the child is teased or ridiculed in the beginning, then it could create a negative mindset around the idea of wearing glasses.

Be Strategic with the Timing

It can be a bad idea to introduce the child to their new glasses if they are grumpy or tired. Plan the optometry appointment during a time of day when the child is in a good mood and well rested. For example, it might be a bad idea to have the appointment right after a long day of school. Instead, choose a day when the child can miss a few hours of school in the morning to attend the appointment.

Prove that Glasses are Worn by Cool People

Does the child have a role-model that wears glasses? Talk about that person. Also, look for celebrity photos of people who might resonate with the child. They will feel cool wearing glasses when they know that glasses are worn by Superman, Harry Potter, and Taylor Swift.

Gentle Reminders

Instead of nagging your child about wearing their glasses, offer gentle reminders to put on their glasses before leaving the house. Find a way to incorporate the habit into the daily routine. For example, give instructions for the child to grab their backpack, put on their coat, and put on their glasses at the same time.

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