dry eyes

It is normal to experience dry eyes on occasion, and some people find their dry eye problems more common when the weather is dry and windy. Have you found that your dry eye symptoms get worse during this time of year? Whether you have seasonally dry eyes or find that the symptoms happen throughout the […]

Dry eyes can be uncomfortable to live with and could disrupt your daily activities. However, there are many reasons why your eyes are feeling dry, which is why it makes sense to talk to an eye doctor about the cause and potential treatment options. If you want to resolve your dry eyes and start feeling […]

Are your eyes irritated, dry, itching, watering, and uncomfortable? The truth is that chronic dry eyes and allergy symptoms are often similar, which is why many people confuse the two conditions. But these two eye conditions have very different underlying causes. It’s essential to identify the underlying cause through a diagnosis so you can find […]