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Prescription Sunglasses: Protect Your Eyes during Your Summer Activities

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Are you putting together your calendar for the summer, to plan fun activities with your family? Whether you have a big vacation planned or you are going to enjoy the local area, it is essential that you are proactive to protect your vision.

When you are pulling out the swimsuits and sunscreen, make sure that you don’t overlook one important item: sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses can go a long way to help you look trendy and protect your eyes at the same time.

Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

If you regularly wear eyeglasses, then it can seem like a burden to carry another pair of glasses with you each day. But, a good pair of prescription sunglasses is essential to block the harsh glare of the sun. Not only will you be protecting your vision, but you can also see things in the distance as well.

It has been found that UV rays can burn the cornea and lens of your eyes. When your eyes are exposed to sunlight, your risk of cataracts and macular degeneration increases. Taking a proactive approach with high-quality sunglasses will help you maintain your vision throughout your life.

Sports Sunglasses

Consider the summer activities that you will be enjoying so that you can choose a sunglasses design to match. A standard pair of sunglasses might be sufficient when you are lounging by the pool. But, you might consider sports glasses if you will be spending time on the tennis court or the golf course.

These glasses are designed with durability and comfort in mind. You can choose the tint and fit to ensure comfort during your sports activities. By shielding your eyes from the sun, you can improve your performance in the game.

Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of sunglasses for vision protection? The best thing that you can do is visit our office to see the sunglasses that are available. We offer prescription lenses to optimize your vision while you are enjoying summer activities.

Schedule an appointment by calling our Temecula office at (951) 302-1331 or our Murrieta office at (951) 600-9226.

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