New Year, New Vision Insurance Benefits

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

Do you find that you often adjust your family’s medical appointments to maximize the annual insurance benefits that are available? Most insurance coverage is based on yearly benefits that are offered. Since 2019 is underway, right now is a great time to review your insurance plan to ensure that you are maximizing all of the coverage that is available this year.

Learning more about your benefits gives you the flexibility to ensure that you don’t miss the opportunities to minimize your spending while protecting the visual health of all family members.

 Vision Insurance Options

Vision insurance is a plan that helps to cover ongoing expenses relating to vision care, such as eye exams, vision correction lenses, frames, and contacts. Some vision insurance plans also provide discounts for elective services, such as LASIK or PRK eye surgeries.

Many patients have standalone vision insurance coverage, while other plans are packaged with dental insurance or health insurance. It is common for vision insurance to be structured as a discount plan or wellness benefit plan with specific benefits.

For example, it is common for every family member to receive insurance coverage for one or more eye exams each year based on a person’s health condition. The number of eyeglass frames and contact lenses depend on the insurance coverage. Additionally, extra services such as lens enhancements or coatings may or may not be covered by the vision insurance plan.

Scheduling Your Annual Eye Exam

Once you understand more about your vision insurance coverage, it is a good idea to call our office to schedule eye exams for the entire family. We can accommodate these appointments throughout the year. Our team has found that patients who are proactive with their eye exams earlier in the year have an easier time maximizing the insurance that is available. Waiting until the end of the year (such as November or December) means that you might run out of time before all of your benefits are used for the given calendar year.

Each insurance plan is unique, which is why it is best to work with your insurance provider for more information about the coverage. Our office staff is here to help with the billing and other paperwork that might be required. Call today to schedule an eye exam: our Temecula office is located at (951) 302-1331, or our Murrieta office is located at (951) 600-9226.

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