Fireworks: Watch Out for Eye Injuries

Fireworks: Watch Out for Eye Injuries

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

The firework stands are out, and everyone is excited about the fun Independence Day celebrations. Do you prefer to watch a big fireworks show put on by the city? Or, does your family have the tradition of lighting fireworks at home in the street?

While fireworks can be an exciting part of these holiday celebrations, it’s essential to be careful about managing these potentially dangerous explosives. Serious injuries can occur when fireworks are mishandled. An estimated 19% of these injuries affect the eyes.

Eye Safety Tips When Lighting Fireworks

The most common parts of the eye damaged by fireworks include the retinas and corneas. These injuries often occur because of debris or shrapnel launched from the firework and into the eye. Here are a few safety tips to avoid these firework eye injuries:

  • Wear Protective Goggles: Always put on a pair of protective eyewear, such as polycarbonate safety glasses. You can find these through your eye doctor or a local hardware store.
  • Adult Supervision at All Times: Children should never be around fireworks without adult supervision. Make sure responsible adults are involved when children are in the area.
  • Spectators Should Stand Back: It’s possible for firework shrapnel to launch as far as 100 yards from the location of the firework. So ask everyone to stand back to avoid injury.
  • Don’t Touch the Duds: It might seem like a disappointment to light a firework and have it fizzle out. But touching the dud could potentially cause it to explode. Instead, always pour water over the dud before touching it.

What To Do When an Eye Injury Happens

Hopefully, the above tips will reduce the likelihood of an eye injury. But if an accident occurs, it’s essential to know what to do in this emergency situation. First, always seek immediate medical attention. Prompt treatment can reduce the risk of possible complications.

  • Don’t rub the eye
  • Don’t put pressure on the eye
  • Don’t remove foreign objects from the eye
  • Don’t rinse the eye
  • Don’t apply pain medications or ointments to the eye

These things could cause further injury. The best thing you can do is go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Talk to an Experienced Eye Doctor

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