Children’s Eye Health: Early Detection and Intervention for Optimal Development

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

As a parent, you are always proactively protecting your child from injury and health concerns. There are many things to think about, including their vision, hearing, sensory abilities, growth, and learning development. Even the smallest details can have an impact on the child’s ability to learn and grow.

For example, did you know that clear vision affects a child’s performance in school? If they are having a hard time focusing or seeing their schoolwork, then it is more difficult to learn the principles that are being taught. Good vision also affects how the child performs in sports and daily life. Additionally, vision plays a role in the child’s self-esteem and behavior.

Early Detection is Critical in Childhood

Think about how quickly children are learning. Everyday activities are part of the process and the child is always developing new skills, language, and more. If the child is having any vision problems, then it can have a domino effect on all other areas of their life.

So, it’s crucial to detect and treat vision problems as soon as possible. When these issues are corrected and the child’s vision improves, it maximizes the opportunities for growth during these critical development windows.

Signs Your Child Might Be Having Vision Problems

Your child might not recognize that they are having problems with their eyes. As a parent, you can watch for these potential signs to determine if you should schedule an appointment with a pediatric eye doctor:

  • Frequently rubbing the eyes or squinting
  • Holding electronic devices (such as phones or tablets) close to their face
  • Sitting too close to the TV
  • Hand-eye coordination issues
  • Complaining that they can’t see the board at school
  • Tilting the head to one side when looking at something
  • Covering one eye often
  • Difficulty tracking (keeping their place while reading)
  • Avoiding reading and homework
  • Behavioral issues, especially in the classroom
  • Eye pain or frequent headaches

If you notice these symptoms, then it might be time to schedule an eye examination for your child. Additionally, we recommend regular checkups on an annual basis to evaluate the child’s eyes and look for potential issues.

Schedule an Examination with the Eyecare Experts

Is it time for your child to have an eye exam? Our team at Temecula Creek Optometry offers full-service vision care for the entire family. We invite you to contact us at your convenience to schedule an appointment. We are always here to help: (951) 302 -1331.

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