Eye Health

The holiday season is filled with fun traditions, time off work, and making memories with family and friends. When you are in the middle of the hustle and bustle, it’s essential to prioritize self-care. Too often, healthy habits fall to the backburner during this time of year. But you don’t need to wait until January […]

If a child is having a hard time in school, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have a learning disability. Sometimes, the student’s learning is impacted by their eyesight. In fact, experts have suggested that 80% of what a child learns is based on visual cues – which means that good eyesight is a critical factor […]

How many hours a day do your children spend looking at a screen? Not only are they using computers for schoolwork and learning, but there are also recreational and entertainment activities that use screens, such as watching movies or playing games. Children have access to TVs, video games, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more. Even if […]

As you are planning for summer travel, is there anything special you need to do to protect your eyes this summer? Too often, patients with eye conditions fail to maintain consistency in managing their eye care when they are away from home. But with a proactive approach and a little bit of planning, it’s possible […]

If you are like many other people, spending more time outdoors during the summer is common. Not only are schedules more flexible when the kids are out of school, but there are a variety of summer activities that you can enjoy. As you are preparing for outdoor fun and adventure, make sure you are proactive […]

Even though most people enjoy the summer season, it can be a difficult time of year for people who are living with seasonal allergies. If you find that your allergy symptoms flare during this season, then there are a few things you can do to manage the symptoms and control your allergies. Invest in Good […]

When a migraine hits, it can be scary to experience changes in your vision. Different types of migraines can occur. Some of these headaches cause debilitating pain, while other types of migraines are painless but interrupt your vision. The good news is that vision problems during a migraine are usually short-lived. Once the migraine passes, […]

What are your favorite pieces in your summer wardrobe? If your closet is full of shorts, sundresses, and sandals, then it’s just as important to make sure you have the right accessories to finish the look. Not only is jewelry a great way to add an extra touch of class to your summer outfit, but […]

If you have a small, painful, red bump on the margin of the eyelid, then it’s possible that you might have an eye stye. Most of the time, this condition is harmless and inconvenient. But it’s important to talk to an eye doctor and be proactive about treatment so the stye heals as quickly as […]

Blood sugar management is a high priority when you are living with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. When you keep your blood sugar balanced, it helps to reduce the risk of many coinciding health conditions, including vision loss, neuropathy (limb loss), heart disease, and more. If you have diabetes, you need to know how […]