Eye Glasses

What fun family vacations and outdoor activities do you have planned this summer? As you are scheduling your fun in the sun, make sure to be proactive about protecting your eyes. Not only is a stylish pair of sunglasses a great accessory, but they are also important to minimize damage from harmful UV rays. The […]

How many hours a day do you spend looking at your phone, computer screen, or other digital devices? Not only is technology essential for many work activities, but screen time is often a big part of our entertainment as well. In our modern world, people spend hours a day scrolling their screens. Not only do […]

What is Santa going to leave you for Christmas this year? While it’s enjoyable to get fun gifts, sometimes Christmas is also the perfect time for practical gifts as well, such as clothing, shoes, or glasses. If you have been wearing the same pair of eyeglasses for years, then make sure to put new frames […]

Even if you have enjoyed relatively good eyesight for most of your life, everyone reaches a point eventually where they need reading glasses. You might remember your grandparents or parents pulling out reading glasses every time they were looking at small details or fine print. This change in vision is a natural part of the […]

Aging can affect every part of the body, and many middle-aged adults start noticing small lifestyle adjustments they need to make to keep up with them. You might notice a change in your vision as you reach your 40s and beyond. If you are starting to squint or have a hard time reading small print, […]

Are you making a list and checking it twice? While it can be fun to shop for your loved ones, sometimes it is challenging to find the perfect gift. If you are ready to wrap-up your holiday shopping for the year, here are some gift ideas that will support your family’s vision and eyecare: Sunglasses: […]

Eye changes with age are unavoidable… nearly all people over the age of 40 will experience presbyopia. Even if you lived most of your life without the need to wear glasses, it might be time to use reading glasses to help you see up-close books and other options. If you already use corrective lenses and […]

Glasses can accumulate dust, dirt, and smudges throughout the day. Whether you use your eyeglasses occasionally for reading or you are wearing them all day long, it’s important that you are careful to protect the lenses. Your eyeglasses are an investment, so it makes sense to be proactive with care and cleaning. How to Clean […]

As a parent, do you feel like it is a challenge to get your child to do what you ask? When the child is prescribed glasses, it could feel like another battle that you will need to fight at home. Most children are willing to wear their glasses because they like having clear vision. But, […]

Are you putting together your calendar for the summer, to plan fun activities with your family? Whether you have a big vacation planned or you are going to enjoy the local area, it is essential that you are proactive to protect your vision. When you are pulling out the swimsuits and sunscreen, make sure that […]