5 Signs It's Time for New Glasses for Christmas

5 Signs It’s Time for New Glasses for Christmas

  • By:Dr. Katie Dugan

What is Santa going to leave you for Christmas this year? While it’s enjoyable to get fun gifts, sometimes Christmas is also the perfect time for practical gifts as well, such as clothing, shoes, or glasses.

If you have been wearing the same pair of eyeglasses for years, then make sure to put new frames and an updated prescription on your Christmas wish list. One of the benefits is that you can use your eyecare and vision insurance benefits before they expire at the end of the year.

Here are a few signs that indicate you should replace your glasses:

1. Blurred Vision

Even though your eyesight used to be clear with your current glasses, it’s normal for vision to change over time. If your eyeglasses are no longer the correct prescription, then it means that they aren’t correcting your vision optimally. As a result, things might look a little unclear and fuzzy.

2. Squinting to See Things

How often do you close your eyes partway to see better? If you are squinting, then it’s a sign that you might benefit from a new prescription. Squinting changes the amount of concentrated light that comes into the eyes, which results in better vision for a moment. So, it’s a natural occurrence if you aren’t wearing the correct prescription.

3. Light Sensitivity

When you come in contact with bright lights, such as going outside into the sun or seeing bright lights indoors, do you find that your eyes quickly close in pain? Light sensitivity is sometimes a sign of vision conditions, an infection, or overworked eyes because of an incorrect prescription.

4. Tired Eyes

How do your eyes feel at the end of the day? If it seems your eyes are tired or worn out, it could be eye fatigue. When you aren’t wearing the right prescription lenses, your eyes need to work harder to focus on the things you are seeing. Consistently having tired eyes at the end of the day could be a sign that there are changes in your vision to address.

5. Frequent Headaches

When the eyes are overworked with the wrong prescription, then it might result in an increase in headaches. Talk to an eye doctor to see if the headaches can be remedied with a new prescription.

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