4 Interesting Facts about Vision and Eye Health

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How much do you know about your vision and eye health? Talking with an experienced eye doctor is one of the best ways that you can learn about the way your eyes work. Here are a few interesting facts for you to learn today:

1. You Blink Every 4 to 6 Seconds

Even if you aren’t consciously aware of the movements of your eyes, your eyelids automatically work to keep the eyes moist and protected. The average person blinks every 4 to 6 seconds, which means that you will blink over 4 million times in a year! Infants only blink about once per minute, but the blinking speeds up in adulthood.

2. Eyes Heal within 48 Hours

If you get a cut or scrape on your arm or leg, it can take days or even weeks before the sore heals completely. On the other hand, eyes have a fast healing time. In most situations, it only takes about 48 hours for a corneal scratch on the eye to heal.

3. Eye Muscles are the Most Active

Measure the movements of each muscle in the body, and you will find that the eye muscles are the most active. Whether you are reading or working, the eyes are constantly moving and processing to provide the information that is needed so that you can see your work.

4. Most Vision Problems are Avoidable

It is estimated that 80% of the vision problems suffered by most people are avoidable. Lifestyle factors influence your vision, so you can make decisions each day to protect your eye health. It is important to visit an eye doctor on a regular basis for early diagnosis if there is a problem. Detecting the problems in the early stages will increase the likelihood that you can get the treatment that is needed to recover from the eye disease before it progresses.

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