Eye Health

Common Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

With the amount of time that people spend in front of a screen these days, it’s no surprise that so many patients are suffering from digital eye strain. Many people spend time in front of a computer for work and then go home to watch television or browse the internet. As a result, screen time […]

How often do your eyes overflow with tears? There are several reasons why tears form, and this function plays an important part in protecting your eyes. Ongoing Tears to Protect the Eyes The eyes always have a gentle development of tears, helping to keep your eyes lubricated and comfortable throughout the day. These tears maintain […]

A diabetes diagnosis can be a life-changing experience. Not only do you need to make changes to your dietary choices, but you also need to keep track of medications and doctor’s visits. Diabetes impacts the way the body stores and uses sugar, which can have a domino effect on all systems within the body. Even […]

Christmas is coming soon, and many people are finalizing a few more gifts before the holiday. Are you trying to choose the perfect gift for someone that you love? Consider the option to offer something that will support their vision. Here are a few ideas: Designer Eye Glasses Glasses are more than just functional… they […]

How much do you know about your vision and eye health? Talking with an experienced eye doctor is one of the best ways that you can learn about the way your eyes work. Here are a few interesting facts for you to learn today: 1. You Blink Every 4 to 6 Seconds Even if you […]

Chronic headaches can be debilitating, making it difficult to keep up with your daily activities. When a headache hits, many people find that they want to spend time in bed until the pain goes away. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, then you are likely looking for a solution to stop the pain. Medical […]

Aging is inevitable, and many people experience changes in their eyes as they grow old. Cataracts, macular degeneration, refractive errors, and other eye diseases could make it difficult for you to read a book or see the road when you are behind the wheel. Treatment or Prevention? There are many treatments that can be done […]

It is amazing to watch the development as a child grows. The first few years of life are critical times when the child gains certain skills that will be needed for the rest of their life. As a parent, there are a few things that you can do to support this development and help your […]

Eye Makeup Tips to Protect Your Vision

Many women use makeup as part of their daily routine. While it is important to feel confident about your appearance, you also need to be careful about the way your makeup could be affecting your eye health. Here are a few tips that you can use to protect your vision and enjoy the benefits of […]